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Success Stories: ABCO Industries Limited

Effective wastewater treatment on the go

Processing wastewater effectively is a reality no matter where you call home. Often, wastewater is collected in tanks, lagoons or sewage treatment plants, and it must be pumped and taken for disposal. ABCO Industries, based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, employs technology which separates wastewater solids from water, allowing the water to be left behind. This reduces the volume of materials to be hauled by 75-85%, which decreases the number of trips made by the truck, and allows the solids to be managed at approved composting facilities.

This technology has potential benefits for any community with sewage treatment facilities that need to be pumped for the materials to be removed. It reduces communities’ greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of wastewater to be transported, which means fewer trips and, as a result, lower fuel consumption.

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