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Cleantech in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has made developing the clean technology sector a priority. On these pages you will learn more about the innovative and dynamic clean technology companies that call Nova Scotia home.

Global investment in clean technologies hit record levels in 2010, with over $250 billion (Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report) invested that year in renewable energy and environmental technologies. The demand for clean technologies globally is being driven by resource scarcity, increasing prices for traditional forms of energy, and concerns about the costs and damaging effects of climate change.

Cleantech represents a diverse range of products, services, and processes, all intended to:

  1. Provide superior performance at lower costs
  2. Greatly reducing or eliminating negative ecological impact
  3. Improving the productive and responsible use of natural resources

Nova Scotia’s clean technology companies focus on a wide array of activities including lighting, energy efficiency, renewable power generation, energy storage and green building materials.

We welcome organizations and individuals looking for a location to develop clean technology companies, invest in early-stage technology businesses, or to source new technologies for improving efficiency, productivity and sustainability. A progressive commercial environment combined with strategic directions and incentives on energy and environmental policy make Nova Scotia a key center in Canada for clean technology development.