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About Cleantech in Nova Scotia

In March 2007 the Government of Canada distributed the Clean Air and Climate Change Trust Fund, about $1.5 billion, to the provinces and territories based on population. Nova Scotia’s share of the trust fund was just under $42.5 million. The Nova Scotia government formed ecoNova Scotiafor Clean Air and Climate Change to administer these funds to projects that support reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Clean technology involves new forms of business models and technological developments that offer solutions to global environmental problems, while offering investors competitive returns on their investment. The ecoNova Scotia program supported several projects that involved Nova Scotia-based companies or companies operating in the province that are developing and using leading-edge environmental technologies.

Clean technology development is a priority for Nova Scotia as it attempts to diversify its energy mix, improve efficiency and productivity, and reduce impacts on the environment.  The province will continue to support the sector through a series of upcoming initiatives.