Income Assistance

People of any age who receive Income Assistance can receive student assistance loans and grants, as long as they also meet Student Assistance criteria.

If you already know that you will be participating in one of these programs, here is some information about how they work together with Canada Student Loans and Grants and Nova Scotia Student Loans and Grants.

Educate to Work Program

If you are partipating in the Educate to Work Program, you should not apply for Student Assistance.

The Educate to Work Program gives you non-repayable Income Assistance while you attend school, but Student Assistance funds must be repaid.

If you already applied for Student Assistance, and found out later that you are eligible for Educate to Work funding, let us know as soon as possible. It's very important that you tell us so we can cancel your Student Assistance application. If you receive student loans while participating in Educate to Work, those funding amounts will be deducted from your Income Assistance and you will have to repay the loan when you leave school.

Career Seek Program

If you are participating in the Career Seek program, you must report your Income Assistance amounts to us, and let us know that you are participating in Career Seek. We will ask you for a letter from your caseworker that gives a breakdown of the income you will receive from Income Assistance while you attend school.

I wish to apply for Student Assistance.

If you apply for and receive any Student Assistance funding, you must inform your Income Assistance caseworker about this income.

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