Parents & Counsellors

You play a critical role in helping a student succeed in obtaining a post-secondary education. This section contains some resources and information to help you help your student(s) navigate a lot of important decisions.

Career Advice

Careers Nova Scotia is a great place to start. Find information about:

  • Labour Market Information
  • Information on Occupations
  • Career Quizzes
  • Career Planning Steps

Choosing the Right School & Program

Not all school programs offer the same return on the student's investment. Families usually expect that investing in post-secondary education will lead to the student achieving their educational, career and repayment goals. We want to help you meet that expectation.

Learn more about how you can evaluate a school and program to be sure your student chooses and invests in a path that will pay off later.

Financing School

This website has:

Is investing in Post-Secondary Education the right thing to do?

Available in both French and English, the Why Not You! Web series for parents, guidance and youth counsellors is four short video modules that focus on helping you help a young person make the decision to invest in education.

  • Module 1: IS borrowing money from Student Assistance really a good way to fund a post-secondary education?
  • Module 2: Busting some common myths about Student Assistance
  • Module 3: Who, What, Where, When and How: Applying 101 for parents and youth advisors
  • Module 4: Extra Credit: More resources, calculators and tips to get the most education for the least debt.