Loans and Grants for Full-Time Studies

When you apply for Nova Scotia Student Assistance for Full-Time Studies, you are applying for both Loans and Grants, from both the Government of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada.

One Application

With a single application you are applying for all of the Grants and Loans listed in the table below at the same time. Please note that grants for students with disabilities may require additional documentation.


About our Funding

These amounts given in the table below are program maximums. Many students receive less than the maximum.

  • These maximum numbers apply to all students and cannot be increased through an appeal, regardless of your calculated need.
  • If you are receiving the maximum amounts, but still need more funding for school, you may have to look at other financing options.
  • For most students, saving during your pre-study period and budgeting wisely or even working during your study-period will mean you can afford most typical school programs with the help of student assistance.
  • If you plan to attend an expensive school, or if your own or your parents' expected contributions toward the costs of your education are not met, then student assistance may not be enough. In this case, you may need to look at other ways of financing your education.
  • The amount that students receive is calculated individually for every student, so the amount can vary a great deal. The average amount that all applicants (including students with high need, disabilities, dependents, etc.) received in Loans and Grants in 2018-2019 was between $12,000-13,000. This includes NSCC, University, and Private Career College borrowers.
  • Many students don't realize there is also a limit on how many weeks of full-time study (total) that student assistance will fund.

2022-2023 Program Funding Maximums

The amounts given below are for the 2022-2023 academic year. These amounts sometimes change and may be different for other academic years.

Government of Nova Scotia

Government of Canada

Nova Scotia Student Loan

Subject to all basic eligibility criteria.

$200/week of study (max)

Canada Student Loan

Subject to all basic eligibility criteria.

Government of Canada loan and grant amounts are calculated using the Family Income Eligibility Threshold table.

$210/week of study (max)

Nova Scotia Grants:
(All non-repayable)

Canada Grants:
(All non-repayable)

Nova Scotia Student Grant

Amount: Students studying at a Nova Scotia school will receive 40% of any Nova Scotia Student Loan (see above) in the form of a non-repayable upfront grant.

Canada Study Grant

Amount: Variable, depending on need.

NEW: For 2022-2023, students who are eligible for this Grant will receive double the Canada Study Grant amount they would otherwise receive.

High Need with Dependents:

$20/family/week of study

Students with Disabilities:

up to $2,000/year

NEW: For 2022-2023, students who are eligible for this Grant will receive double the Canada Study Grant amount they would otherwise receive.


Supplemental Loan for Medicine, Law and Dentistry

Amount: Students studying in these programs may be eligible for up to $140/week of additional loan funding.


Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment – Students with Disabilities

up to $20,000/year

COVID-19 Response Grant

For the 2021-2022 study year only, students with higher financial need who are eligible to receive a Nova Scotia Student Loan may also receive an additional $875 non-repayable grant.

Students with Dependents:

$200/month of study/child under age 12

NEW: For 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, students with higher financial need may be eligible for up to $400/month.


Canada Study Grant – Skills Boost

up to $2400/year ($46.15/week of study)

Please Note: Skills Boost is a pilot program launched in 2018-2019 year. Eligible students will have been out of high school for 10 years or more; will have at least $1 of calculated need; and will also be eligible to receive Canada Study Grant (see above.)


Learn more about Funding for Part-Time studies


Weeks of Study:

Most NSCC programs are typically 39 weeks long per academic year.
Most university programs are 34 weeks long per academic year.
Other programs may have a wide variety of lengths - check with your school.

Nova Scotia Grant: High Need with Dependents.

This grant is for high-need students with dependants, where high need means the student's calculated need is greater than $275 per week of study. The maximum amount of this grant is $20 per week of study.