Get Money

Within four to six weeks after you apply (often sooner) and once we have your Tax Consent Form (giving us consent to look at your confidential info) your assessment will be ready on MyPATH.

  • We can't start to assess your application until that form is received and processed.
  • We'll email you whenever your MyPATH account is updated. (Check your spam folder.)
  • Once you've seen your assessment on My PATH, there are a few more things to do to be sure you get your money without a delay.


Bank Deposit Timeline & Your To-Do List

As soon as possible

  1. Be sure you submit everything, including your MSFAA (if applicable.)

  2. Check My PATH often, and watch your email, to be sure we have everything we need from you.

  3. Keep your address and other contact info up to date with us as they change.
Just before classes
  1. If your program or number of courses has changed, let us know ASAP. You cannot receive any funding until the school's record matches ours.

Your school will let us know that you are enrolled exactly as you submitted in your application, and will correct your actual tuition costs, if they've changed.

Your school also notes how much, if any, of your Student Assistance amount is owed to them for tuition and fees. They will receive this amount directly from us. It is up to the school to decide how much of your funding they take.

When classes start
  1. You submit your Pre-Study Report online, within MyPATH. This is not available until classes start (i.e. your pre-study period has ended).

  2. At the same time, you may be asked to submit or update your bank account info for your NS Loan and Grant deposit, if necessary.
6-10 days after classes start **

The first portion of your Student Assistance funding
is deposited directly to your bank account
(except for any amount that has gone directly to the school *** ).

During your first term Your remaining Assistance amounts, if any, are finalized using the information you submitted in your Pre-Study Report. You cannot receive further funding without submitting a pre-study report.
Halfway through your study period

If you are eligible, you will receive additional funds deposited to your bank account.

  • Your school confirms your enrollment for your second term, if applicable.
  • We release the funds to our lender, who pays your school any amount you owe them.
  • Any remaining amount is deposited to you.
  • This can take 5-10 business days AFTER the halfway point in your program. Usually this means early-late January for programs that start classes in September.


* Please note some schools confirm enrollment later in the month than others. Most students will receive their first funding amount within two weeks of the start of classes.

** If you haven't received your funds by then, check with the National Student Loan Service Centre. 1-888-815-4514 (Toll Free in North America.)

*** If you owe money to your school for tuition or fees, they can choose to divert some or all of your Student Assistance funding directly to them, in order to pay your school account. The amount of funding that a school claims from your first loan/grant deposit can vary a lot from school to school; check with your school to find out their policy for this.