Youth and School Counsellors

You get many questions from students and parents about how they should prepare for post-secondary education. We want to help you, help them.

In addition to the resources listed below, we are always open to your suggestions or ideas about how we can better help students understand Student Assistance.

Contact our Outreach team with your comments or requests.

The Resources we can offer you are:

We can talk to anyone interested in pursuing post-secondary education with the help of student assistance, including:

  • High Schools (Usually Grade 12, but Grade 10-12)
  • Post-Secondary Schools
  • Parents
  • Adult education / skills development programs
  • Counsellors themselves (regional meetings, professional development)
  • Youth Organizations

We cover a range of student assistance topics, such as:

  • Preparing to apply
  • The application process
  • Managing and repaying loans
  • How student assistance works with other sources of funding
  • Program features for students with disabilities
  • Financial literacy

To contact us or access these resources:

Call 902-424-8420 or Toll Free in Canada: 1-800-565-8420
Press Option 6, and ask for the Outreach Assistant or
Email the: Outreach Team