Intersession (Spring/Summer) Funding:
Application Now Open

Please note: The application for 2022-2023 fall and winter academic year courses opens in May. Do not complete the Intersession application for regular courses that will start after August 1, 2022.

IS this application right for you?

  • Co-operative Education Students should not use the Intersession application.
  • The Intersession application is only for courses you will complete during the spring or summer sessions.
  • All spring/summer students now use the same Intersession application for any full-time study period.
  • You can now apply for funding to attend Intersession courses full-time for a period as short as 6 weeks, even if you didn’t use student assistance last fall or winter.
  • The Intersession application is not for students studying part-time. See "To Qualify."

To Qualify

Definition of Full Time Study: Intersession
Period of Study Must be actively studying a total of:
(minimum #) credits.
Students with a disability
(minimum #) credits
Full Intersession
3 month Intersession
(May – July or June – August)
(July-Aug only)

Application Process

  1. Co-operative Education Students should NOT use the Intersession application link.
  2. Log in to MyPATH and choose "Intersession Application"
    • If you were a full-time student during the winter term, your pre-study period is “0” weeks long.
    • If you were not in school this past winter, your application will be assessed using 18 pre-study weeks.

    IMPORTANT: Submit a Pre-Study Report as soon as the link becomes available within MyPATH (immediately after their first day of classes). If you are eligible, the Report is required before we can finalize and deposit your Nova Scotia Student Loan or Grant funding.

Scholastic Considerations:

  • As usual, students who were enrolled in classes during the previous fall and/or winter terms must successfully complete a minimum of 60% of a full course load for the entire academic year to stay eligible for student assistance.
  • Students who were not in school during the fall/winter terms must successfully complete as follows:
    • Studying full-time from May-August: Must successfully complete a minimum of 1.5 credits
    • Studying full-time from May-June or July-Aug only: Must successfully complete a minimum of 1.0 (all) credits
  • Students who fail to meet the scholastic considerations risk being disqualified for further student assistance funding.

Program Length Considerations

Courses taken during Intersession may count toward a student’s total allowable Program Length funding if the student studies full-time for 12 weeks or longer between May and August. Shorter study periods do not count toward Program Length funding limits.

Withdrawal Considerations

Students must complete all courses for which they are funded for the Intersession period. Failure to do so could result in full Overaward and/or any Intersession funding that is awarded in the form of a (non-repayable) grant could be converted into a (repayable) Loan.