Study-Period Earnings

Study Period earnings are the money you earn from a job during the time period you are in-study (at school).

When you complete your application for student assistance you will need to estimate how much, if any, study-period earnings you expect to earn while you're at school.

Estimate ALL the money you expect to earn and enter the total amount on your application. Any amount you earn each week that exceeds $100 is counted as part of your financial resources when we calculate your financial need.

If your estimated study-period earnings changes before you start school, let us know about it when you complete your Pre-Study Report (right after your classes start).

If you are earning less than you estimated, you can let us know. We may be able to adjust your assessment and you might receive more funding.

If you are earning more than you estimated, you must also let us know. We will adjust your assessment and you might receive less funding.

Remember, when you apply for student assistance next year we will compare your actual income (from your income tax return) to the amounts you told us you earned, so it's important that you report all your earnings to avoid an overaward situation.