Employability Related Expenses

Note: You must be a recipient of Income Assistance to take part in this program.

There are costs when you are looking for work, taking a training course, or starting a new job. Income Assistance may help with some of these costs.

You may get help to pay for costs like these:

  • clothing you need for work like a uniform, boots, coveralls, and office clothes
  • safety equipment and gear like a hard hat, ear protectors, and safety glasses
  • work fees or fees to help you carry out your work plan like a drivers license, a medical fee, or a criminal record check
  • courses you need for work like First Aid and CPR
  • dues to join an association or professional group for work
  • short-term skills training courses like computer literacy, GED, other upgrading, professional refresher programs, and continuing education programs
  • books, supplies, and deposits that you need for an approved education program
  • deposits to hold your 'seat' for an approved education program. Getting a seat means being accepted into a program.
  • programs like assertiveness training, self-esteem programs, career development, and individual counselling. These costs may be paid when provincial health does not pay for them through MSI.
  • equipment and supports related to a disability

There are other costs related to getting work that may be paid and are not listed here. The costs must be for things that support you as you carry out your plan.


You must be receiving income assistance. You and your worker must agree that this is the right plan for you at this time.

Next steps

Talk to your caseworker. (If you do not have a caseworker, remember, you must be a recipient of Income Assistance in order to be eligible for this program.)