Educate to Work Program

Note: You must be a recipient of Income Assistance to take part in this program.

The program (formerly called the Equity Opportunities Program or TEOP) allows people who receive Income Assistance to take core programs at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). The government pays for tuition and books.


Taking the program is called 'getting a seat.' You may be able to take the program if all of these things are true:

  • you must be getting Income Assistance
  • you must be working with an Employment Support worker before you enroll
  • your action plan for getting work must show that returning to school will help you find work

You must be accepted by the NSCC to take a core program.
The program must be part of the action plan made with your worker. You must work closely with your worker to get this Program.

Are there steps I can take to improve my chances of success?
Here are the things you must do:

  • be involved with an ESS worker
  • have an action plan to find work and be following it

Here are things that will help you get a seat in the program

  • look at the labour market to see what kinds of jobs are going to be needed in the near future
  • make sure that you have the academic qualifications you need to take the courses you want

Here are some other things to do that may give you helpful information

  • you can make an appointment at the NSCC with the instructor of the program you want to take
  • you can call up employers who hire people that graduate from the program you want to take, and ask them what skills and qualities they look for in new employees

What other supports are available to me while I am at NSCC?
Community Services and NSCC work together to make sure you have the supports you need while you are in school.

  • there are workers called "Campus Support Associates" that can help you find out what you need to know once you start classes
  • your caseworker will continue to support you

You may be eligible for help with special needs like child care and transportation while you are in school. Check with your caseworker.

Can I also have a student loan and be part of the Educate to Work Program?
The Educate to Work Program has a limited number of sponsored seats for the whole province. Your caseworker may tell you to apply for a student loan in case you do not get one of those seats. You must cancel your student loan application as soon as you know that you have a seat. You will have to pay the Government money back if you do not do this.

How do I get help to pay for my costs while I am at NSCC?
Your caseworker will tell you what you need to do. You will have to give them your receipts or something else that shows how much you pay for child care and travel costs. You must also give your caseworker a copy of your marks.

Next steps

Talk to your caseworker. (If you do not have a caseworker, remember, you must be a recipient of Income Assistance in order to be eligible for this program.)