Self Employment and Entrepreneurship

Note: You must be a recipient of Income Assistance to take part in this program.

The Department recognizes that self employment is an option for some people, and has policy and programs to support people who want to create their own income.

The Department works closely with services in the community and other parts of government that have expertise in self-employment. If you and your caseworker decide that self-employment is a possibility, you will be asked to work with a third party delivery agent that offer services to entrepreneurs.

You will be offered services that range from helping you to really make a decision about whether self-employment is right for you; creating and/or assessing the viability of your business plan; specific skill development that will help you with your business; referrals to lending programs; and general support and counselling that all entrepreneurs need when starting a business.

If your plan is agreed upon by both the delivery agent and your caseworker, you may be eligible to continue receiving income assistance for a period of at least twelve months from the date you open your business.

Note: The Department of Community Services does not offer loans, but our partners will assist you to identify what lending options there may be available to you to support your business.


You must be involved with an Employment Support caseworker, and have self-employment as part of your approved employment action plan.

Next steps

Talk to your caseworker. (If you do not have a caseworker, remember, you must be a recipient of Income Assistance in order to be eligible for this program.)