Help When You're Looking for a Job

Note: You must be a recipient of Income Assistance to take part in this program.

Community Services offers many types of supports to people looking for work. These services are part of the Community Services office in some places. In other places you will go to job search agencies in the community. There is no cost for the services.

There are several types of supports that you can use:

  • help putting together a good resume and cover letter
  • daily newspapers to look at for jobs
  • lists of jobs to look at
  • information on jobs that may be coming open
  • tips on how to find out about jobs that are not advertised
  • information about what is happening in the labour market
  • help and equipment to do typing, photocopying etc.
  • workshops on how to look for work
  • people to help you as you look for work

Next steps

Community Services has staff called job developers who work with employers to match people to jobs. A job developer knows what kind of work there is in your community. They can help you put together a job search plan, and they can send you to employers who have jobs that are right for your skills. Ask your caseworker if you would like to meet with a job developer.

(Remember, you must be a recipient of Income Assistance in order to be eligible for this program.)