Wage Subsidy Program

Note: You must be a recipient of Income Assistance to take part in this program.

A wage subsidy is a tool used to help you find a work experience that will result in a lasting job.

The Department has some program funding every year to match people who need work with employers who are willing to provide some on the job training. The wage is shared between the Department and the employer, and you have a chance to gain skills and recent experience.

Every effort is made to find employers who plan to keep the employee on after the subsidy is ended.

In all cases, the employer is required to make a contribution to the subsidy situation. Sometimes that contribution is actually sharing the wage, and other times they contribute through training or other services. The length of the contract is negotiated so that you gain the longest experience possible. You and your employer will meet with a caseworker from the Department and a contract will be signed.


Once involved with Employment Support Services, your caseworker may determine you are ready to be referred to a Job Developer to look for work. Wage subsidy is usually the last route we will offer, so you will be expected to try to find work without a subsidy first.

I'm on the job now. Can I still speak to my Caseworker?
Your Employment Support caseworker or job developer are always available to you during your wage subsidy experience. If you are having troubles at work, or if things are going well, they would be pleased to hear from you. You can expect that your caseworker will be in touch with at least once during the contract period to see how things are going.

Next steps

Talk to your caseworker. (If you do not have a caseworker, remember, you must be a recipient of Income Assistance in order to be eligible for this program.)