Independent Living Support

Independent Living Support (ILS) is a community based option that provides funding for hours of support services from a Service Provider, based on the assessed needs and circumstances of an eligible participant who is semi-independent and requires support to live on their own.

The purpose of the ILS program is to promote independence, self-reliance, security and social inclusion by creating a flexible and responsive delivery system that incorporates the strengths of a participant, their personal and community resources, and approved ILS Service Providers. This is achieved using a person-directed, and collaborative approach.

The goals of the ILS Program are to:

  • assist a participant to maximize independence in their instrumental activities of daily living, such as:
    • maintaining a household
    • laundry
    • shopping and banking
    • preparing meals
    • transportation for community access
    • participating in leisure, volunteer, or work activities;
  • assist a participant to build and maintain connections and relationships with family, friends and other community members and resources;
  • assist a participant with the promotion and maintenance of their health and wellness;
  • recognize the potential of a participant and facilitate opportunities for their continuing growth and personal development;
  • delay the need for, or assist in the prevention of, admission to a staffed residential support option.


Eligibility for the ILS Program is determined by a functional and financial assessment. Eligible individuals will have assessed unmet needs which can be addressed by the ILS Program.

Next steps

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