Licensed Homes For Special Care

The Disability Support Program (DSP) provides a continuum of residential support options for individuals with disabilities. The goal is to create a range of residential programs that can support people at various stages of their development and independence.

These settings provide support and supervision in homes with three or more beds. The options for placement in any particular Home for Special Care are limited as to the Level(s) of support/programs they provide as per their licensed mandate under the Homes for Special Care Act.

Licensed Homes for Special Care include:

  • Small Option Home (SOH): Small Option Homes provide support for three to four persons with disabilities in community homes. The residents are supported by qualified staff through a combination of live-in and shift models.
  • Group Homes / Developmental Residences: Group Homes and Developmental Residences provide a continuum of developmental rehabilitation programs for individuals with disabilities within a 4-12 person residential setting. Developmental residences and group homes emphasize the development of inter-personal, community oriented skills, and activities of daily living. Group Homes primarily serve younger persons with one or more of the following types of disabilities: intellectual disability, long-term mental illness, or physical disability. Developmental Residences primarily serve younger adults with an intellectual disability or dual diagnosis.
  • Residential Care Facilities: Residential Care Facilities provide a residential support option to four or more adults with disabilities who require minimal support and supervision with routine personal-care activities, community skills and activities, and illness supervision. Individuals are provided with limited direct support and do not have major health or behavioural support needs.
  • Adult Residential Centres: Adult Residential Centres provides long-term structured supports and services to adults with disabilities to enhance their development of interpersonal, community oriented, and activities of daily living skills. Approved staffing is provided on a 24-hour / 7-day a week basis by on-site professional staff.
  • Regional Rehabilitation Centres: Regional Rehabilitation Centres provide both rehabilitation and developmental programs to adults with disabilities who require an intensive level of support and supervision related to complex behavioral challenges and skill development needs. Approved staffing is provided on a 24 hour / 7-day a week basis by on-site professional staff.


Eligibility for the admission into a Home for Special Care is determined by a functional and financial assessment.

Next steps

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