Community ACCESS-Ability Program

The Community ACCESS-Ability Program reflects the Government of Nova Scotia's commitment to persons with disabilities by providing equal opportunity and improved access to community facilities. This program offers cost-shared grants to community groups for accessibility related capital improvements. The grants cover up to two-thirds of the direct and indirect costs of renovations, installations, and/or equipment to a maximum of $10,000. The sponsoring organization must raise at least one-third of the funding from other sources. Organizations can receive funding for one project per year under the program.

Who Can Apply?

We accept applications from:

  • non-profit community organizations
  • municipalities

Application Forms and Process

Key Dates

  • Applications are currently being accepted for this year.
  • All projects must be completed by the end of the fiscal year, March 31st, 2018.

Contact Information

Lillian Nicholson , Grant Co-ordinator
Phone: (902) 424-3073