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Drinking Water

Developing a Municipal Source Water Protection Plan

On October 17, 2002, the Province of Nova Scotia released a comprehensive drinking water strategy. As stated in the Minister's message, the success of the strategy rests on the ability of all the stakeholders to work together effectively to achieve the goal of delivery of safe, clean drinking water to all Nova Scotians. The strategy outlines a multi-barrier approach to achieve this goal. The barriers are:

  1. Keeping clean water clean;
  2. Making the water safe to drink;
  3. Proving the water is safe to drink.

An important responsibility of the provincial government is to issue approvals for the construction and operation of water treatment and distribution facilities. One of the conditions of these approvals is that a Municipality or Water Utility must develop a Source Water Protection Plan for their drinking water source area. This will address the first barrier in the multi-barrier approach: Keep clean water clean. Protecting a source of drinking water is an important part of delivering a sustainable supply of high quality drinking water.

If you are planning any activities in these areas, please contact the contact the appropriate municipal water utility: Municipal Drinking Water Supplies of Nova ScotiaPDF Download Link (PDF:1.1mb).

NSE has published a five part series of technical documents that provide detailed guidance to those who have to prepare a Source Water Protection Plan.

NSE has also developed an overview booklet that summarizes the protection process and the information in the technical documents.

While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information contained in the guidance documents, the information should not be construed as legal advice on the requirements for a municipal source water protection plan.