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What Licences and Permits might I need?

Once you've registered your business, you may need specific licences and permits to operate in Nova Scotia. The following sources will help you determine the licences and permits you require based on the services and goods you are selling and how to apply for them.


BizPaL is an online service that allows users to create a customized list of licence and permits that may be required when starting or operating a business in Nova Scotia.  BizPaL uses an easy step-by-step process where you simply select:

  • The type of business you are operating or plan to operate;
  • The location (Municipality); and
  • Any related activities or topics.

This will generate a customized list of licence and permits from all three levels of government (Municipal, Provincial and Federal) that may be required to start or run your business. 

You also have the option to use the Keyword search, if you are looking for a specific permit.

Nova Scotia Permits Directory

The Nova Scotia Permits Directory explains who needs the permit, what agency issues it, where you can get it, how to apply, how much it costs, how long it takes to get it, when it expires, any related requirements and other relevant information. The Directory also contains links to many forms and applications that you require to apply or to renew some permits and licences.  It also gives locations and phone numbers for some of the offices of those departments and agencies.

Access to Business

Once you know what your requirements are you can apply online for certain licences, permits, registration, certificates.

Questions or comments

If you have questions or comments about the directory, please contact us.