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Pests and Pesticides

Pesticide Applicator Certification

Pesticide applicator certification in Nova Scotia is based on the National Standard for Pesticide Education Training and Certification in Canada.

  1. Individuals wishing to obtain their initial pesticide certification in Nova Scotia must pass the NSE pesticide certification exam(s). The required passing grade for each exam is 75%.
    Commercial and Domestic Vendors need to pass a single exam. All other classes need to pass both Core exam and class specific exam.
  2. Refer to the Nova Scotia Pesticide Certification Exam Schedule and submit an Application for Pesticide applicator Certification of Qualification.
  3. If all requirements are met and the application is approved, the certificate will be sent to the applicant by mail. Note: there is a maximum waiting period of 60 days, provided that all the items that must accompany the application have been received.

Pesticide Applicator certification is valid for 5 years. It can be renewed by writing an approved examination or by participating in Continuing Education Point Credit courses/events.

Nova Scotia may accept certification from other provinces/territories or other jurisdiction outside of Canada if they are equivalent to the Canadian National Standard – see Reciprocity Process

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