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Food Hygiene (Handling) Courses

Food safety courses are for those who handle and work with food regularly, like those in the food service industry. The Food Safety Regulations require that at least one person per shift must have taken a food safety training course. It’s recommended that all people working with food take the food safety training course. The training must be renewed every five years.

Foodservice operators are responsible for ensuring that employees have certification from a course recognized by the Department Environment and Climate Change. Public health officers will ask operators to show proof that they and their employees hold current certification from a recognized course.

In Nova Scotia there are private trainers available to offer classroom-based training, however this Department does not maintain a list of private trainers.

Private Food Handler Courses

Private Food Handler Courses (PDF)

Food Handler Course Exemption

Food Establishments Exemptions (PDF)

Food Handler Certificate Replacement Form (PDF)