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Services & Products

What is available?


  • At the Land Registration Office, you will find maps of all kinds such as topographic, orthophoto, urban and rural, thematic and hydrography maps. Biking, hiking, and eco-tour trail books, related geographic products, and air photos for the entire province are available for order or purchase at each Land Registration Office.

  • GeoNOVA is the gateway to Nova Scotia geographic information with links to the geographic products site as well.


  • At the Land Registration Office, you can order custom maps and reports on land-related information, purchase print-outs of publicly available land and registry information, purchase copies of documents, and search the land records system for land ownership and related information. The registry indices and historic documents are available for genealogy research and historic information on property transactions.


This interactive map allows you to choose Land Registration Office sites for details on location, phone number, and contact information.


The Costs and Fees Act Regulations and the Land Registration Act General Regulations define the fees for document registration and related services for the Registry of Deeds and Land Titles.

The Retail Fee Schedule defines the fees for all geographic and related products created by GeoNOVA or the Geomatics Centre and sold at the Geomatics Centre or Land Registration Offices. The Land Registration Offices are also distributors of other geographic information and map products created by other organizations.

What is Property Online? Is this service for me?

Any person or enterprise that regularly uses land ownership and related property information will find Property Online beneficial. This includes organizations such as surveying and engineering firms, real estate companies, financial institutions, law firms, consulting firms, resource-based industries, municipalities, and provincial and federal government agencies. The information in Property Online, which can be accessed from any computer with internet, can be searched by Parcel Identification Number (PID), owner name, assessment account number, civic address, and geographic location (e.g. town, county). The service can also be used to create and print customized maps. Property Online also contains other property information such as the complete Grantor Grantee Index for the province, and provides links to outstanding municipal tax balances for participating municipalities.

If this is for you, here's how you subscribe.

In order to be a POL subscriber, you must complete a subscription agreement which is specific to the user type and a pre-authorized debit agreement. The monthly subscription charge provides up to five hours of online search time. Additional search time is charged at an hourly rate.

:  Usage is calculated only on the time that the user is actively performing queries. Users are not charged for time logged in to Property Online when no queries are being submitted.

POL tutorials

Walk through a tutorial in Property Online.

View Module 1 - Property Online Orientation
View Module 2 - Search for a PID and View the Property Map

Download Module 1 - Property Online Orientation
Download Module 2 - Search for a PID and View the Property Map