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Qualified Persons and Installers

Design and Selection by Qualified Persons

In many areas of Nova Scotia, wastewater from a home or business is treated and disposed of by means of an on-site sewage disposal system.

Qualified Persons can select an on-site sewage disposal system for residential use from the Standard. Professional engineers can design an on-site sewage disposal system from engineering design principles.

A notification must be submitted to, or an approval obtained, from Nova Scotia Environment prior to the installation of an on-site sewage disposal system. A notification and application for approval must be submitted by a qualified person or professional engineer.

Search for Professional engineers (formerly QPI), Qualified Persons (formerly QPII), septic tank cleaners, or an On-site Installer.

Installers are required to hold a On-site sewage system Installer’s Certificate of Qualification in order to construct or modify an on-site sewage system.

Additional Information

Additional contact information relating to the on-site sewage industry be accessed at Waste Water Nova Scotia's (WWNS) Member Directory.

PLEASE NOTE: Nova Scotia Environment's list includes only those individuals who are currently certified by Nova Scotia Environment. Confirmation of Certificate of Qualification holders is to be obtained by consulting the Nova Scotia Environment list.

In the case of professional engineers (formerly QP1), Nova Scotia Environment maintains a list as a matter of convenience to the public. For a list of all Professional Engineers licensed to practice in Nova Scotia please visit Engineers Nova Scotia.