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On-site Sewage Disposal Standard

Any system that is selected or designed in accordance with the On-site Sewage Standard is eligible to submit under NSE's notification process.

Any system that does not meet the Standard requires an application for approval.


  • Minor revisions to the On-site Sewage Disposal Systems Standard will come into effect May 1, 2017.
  • The changes were made to improve clarity, confirm applicability, and simplify some requirements of the Standard.
  • One of the most significant revisions was to remove the requirement for septic tank and pump chamber riser covers to be installed a minimum of 100 mm (4”) above finished grade. The revised Standard allows risers to be installed at or above finished grade to maintain ease of location and access for pumping and maintenance.
  • Please refer to Onsite Sewage Standard table of revisions (PDF:843k) for a detailed list of the revisions including implications and justification.

Download On-site Sewage Disposal Systems StandardPDF Download Link (PDF:382k)