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Wilderness Areas

wilderness areaWilderness Areas are provincially-significant protected areas which are designated under Nova Scotia's Wilderness Areas Protection Act. The existing areas were selected following the province's 1992 endorsement of the Endangered Spaces Campaign, through a multi-year system planning process.

Wilderness Areas protect representative (typical) examples of Nova Scotia's natural landscapes, our native biological diversity, and outstanding natural features. They are used for scientific research, education and a variety of recreation and nature-tourism related activities such as hiking, canoeing, sea-kayaking, sportfishing and hunting.

Wilderness areas are protected under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act.

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Sacred Worth Exhibition

When the province announced its proposal to designate 31 new wilderness areas in 1994, Alice Reed was motivated to capture their essence in her art. Not content to paint by interpreting stock photographic images, Ms. Reed experienced first hand each of these distinct, and often remote wild places before rendering her impressions with brush and paint. Travelling by foot, canoe, kayak, and on some occasions even by helicopter, Alice sketched, photographed, and sensed the spirit of these special areas. After two and a half years of research and adventure, a magnificent body of work has emerged. Visit the Sacred Worth Exhibition.

Through the continued generosity of the artist, these paintings are featured throughout this web site, and in several protected areas publications.