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Ogden Round Lake Wilderness Area

painting by Alice Reed Dotted with lakes and a mixture of mature forests in eastern Guysborough County, Ogden Round Lake Wilderness Area protects a variety of unique landforms and ecosystems in the Mulgrave Hills natural landscape. The area also helps protect local watersheds, straddling the watershed divide of the Roman Valley and Salmon rivers. It includes portions of eight tertiary watersheds.

The immature old-growth deciduous forests in this wilderness area are regionally significant, protecting valuable habitat for local species and providing local opportunities for wilderness recreation. Such extensive, older deciduous forests on relatively fertile soils are not common in Nova Scotia; most lands with similar soils are primarily privately owned and fragmented with various uses.

There are good opportunities for hiking, especially in the western end of the wilderness area, and several of the larger lakes are ideal for fishing and exploration by canoe.

Off-highway vehicle use is permitted on 12 km of designated trails managed under agreements with the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia (SANS), All-terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia (ATVANS) and Nova Scotia Offroad Riders Association (NSORRA) under agreements with Nova Scotia Environment and Climate Change.

Ogden Round Lake Wilderness Area was established in 1998. It was expanded by 134 hectares in 2023.