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Economy River Wilderness Area

painting by Alice ReedEconomy River Wilderness Area is a 6,120 hectare stretch of forest wilderness in the heart of the Cobequid Mountains.

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The rounded forest hills of the wilderness area sit atop the steep escarpment of the ancient Cobequid Fault, where waterfalls cascade over the edge of an ancient junction of the earth's crust, from erosion-resistant uplands, to softer sedimentary lowlands below.

Sugar maple and yellow birch forests, atop till-cloaked granite hills, are dissected by steep stream and river canyons, dominated by large red spruce and occasional hemlock trees. In flatter hilltop areas are found occasional large lakes, with adjacent, poorly drained terrain, supporting coniferous and mixed wood stands of trees. Rare and uncommon flora, sensitive lichens, faunal species at risk like moose and fisher, and an assortment of birds, make their living in the diverse micro-habitats. Ancient rocks, exposed by the action of rushing streams and waterfalls, shed light on the complex geological events which led to assembly of the Cobequid Mountains about 350 million years ago.

Steep canyons and rushing streams, the ephemeral floral richness of spring, the leafy shade of summer, autumn colours of the wooded hills, and thick blankets of winter snow, give the area a character which varies throughout the seasons, and provides excellent wilderness hiking, camping, and other recreational opportunities. The area will be accessible to hikers on the new Kenomee Canyon Trail, expected to open in 2003, linked with surrounding trail systems by a footbridge above Economy Falls.