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Carleton River Wilderness Area

Carleton River Wilderness Area Carleton River Wilderness Area consists of two parcels, about 1.5 km apart, along the east side of Carleton River, near the community of Forest Glen, in the interior of Yarmouth County.

The wilderness area lies within the Tusket Drumlins natural landscape, a biologically rich part of southwestern Nova Scotia, with gently sloping hardwood and mixedwood hills, and numerous lakes. Stands of mature sugar and red maple, yellow birch and beech blanket the rolling terrain, with red spruce through the intervening, flatter lands.

The northern parcel has 2 km of river frontage, and the southern parcel includes over 5 km of frontage on Parr Lake and Petes Lake. The low-gradient lake shore is ideal habitat for coastal plain flora; several sensitive plant species having been discovered here in recent years.

Protecting these lands helps preserve the natural setting and scenic beauty of Carleton River, a popular and traditional canoe route. The area is also used for hunting.

The boundary of both parcels extends eastward to forest access roads. On-going use of these roads is not affected by the wilderness area.

A 1.8 km section of power line right-of-way crosses the northern parcel. Nova Scotia Power (NSPI) retains authority to operate and maintain this power line. NSPI also owns historic flowage lands along the lake shore at the southern parcel; these lands are not within the wilderness area.

One campsite lease occurs within the wilderness area at Petes Lake.

If needed, access to two in-held private properties on Carleton River can be authorized by the Minister of Environment.