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Guysborough Headlands Wilderness Area

Guysborough Headlands Wilderness Area

Guysborough Headlands Wilderness Area features over 40 km of remote and undeveloped ocean frontage on the Atlantic coast. The wilderness area is spread across multiple parcels on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, stretching from Gegogan Harbour to Tor Bay, including coastal headlands at Cape Gegogan, Cape St. Marys, Country Harbour Head, and New Harbour.

Coastal habitats include barrier beaches and ponds, low cliffs, rock and cobble shoreline, and tidal flats. The interior portion of the wilderness area consists primarily of coastal barrens, bogs, and stunted spruce/fir forest. These habitats contribute to representation of the Guysborough Headlands Natural Landscape in Nova Scotia’s protected areas network.

Parts of the wilderness area can be accessed by informal footpaths, but there are currently no managed trails.

Guysborough Headlands Wilderness Area includes two sites which were initially proposed for nature reserve designation. These sites, at Cape St. Marys and Gegogan Harbour, were instead included in the wilderness area.