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Dunraven Bog

Dunraven Bog Dunraven Bog Nature Reserve protects a globally significant wetland complex at the headwaters of Sable River, in the interior of Queens County.

Dunraven Bog is an uncommon, pristine plateau peat bog that supports several rare coastal plain flora species, including golden crest and Long’s bulrush, two nationally listed species-at-risk.

The bog meets criteria for designation as a Wetland of International Significance under the UN Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, and provides research opportunities into carbon sequestration and changes in greenhouse gas levels.

Protected woodlands around Dunraven bog and associated wetlands help protect hydrological function and diversify habitat for wildlife. Poorly drained adjacent forest consists primarily of black spruce, tamarack, and red maple; while better drained hills and hummocks support hemlock, red spruce, and white pine.

This nature reserve is located between Tobeatic and Tidney River wilderness areas. This facilitates movement of wildlife, such as endangered mainland moose, between protected areas and across the working forest landscape.

Boundaries were simplified through the survey process to enable more efficient, on-going management of the reserve and adjacent lands.