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Protected Areas


Blandford Nature Reserve

Blandford Nature Reserve protects part of the rugged, forested uplands of Aspotogan Peninsula, at Hollahan and Rocky lakes and Aspotogan Mountain.

The reserve contains a variety of habitats, including mature conifer forest, bogs, fens, shrub barrens and small lakes. The significance of these lands was first identified by scientists in 1974 through the International Biological Program. At that time, the area was recognized for its extensive jack pine stands. More recent studies have shown these lands also host rare lichens that thrive in the humid environment of the Aspotogan Peninsula.

Part of the reserve overlaps with Blandford Game Sanctuary, which prohibits hunting of waterfowl and other game birds.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada protects an additional 337 hectares of land adjacent to Blandford Nature Reserve, known as Deep Cove Nature Reserve. Combined, the two reserves span about 676 hectares (1,670 acres) of conserved land.

A small portion of the nature reserve coincides with the Mill Cove Lake and Cranberry Lake Protected Water Area.