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Consolidated Nova Scotia Regulations

What are regulations?

Regulations are laws.  They outline rights, and create duties, obligations and responsibilities for the persons that are affected by them.  Sometimes they are referred to as "delegated" or "subordinate" legislation.  They have the same binding legal effect as Statutes (see below), but are made on behalf of the Legislature by persons or bodies to whom the Legislature has delegated its law-making power – such as the Governor in Council (the Lieutenant Governor acting on the advice of cabinet), a Minister, or an administrative body or agency.

What are Statutes?

Statutes (or "Acts", as they are often called) are laws enacted by the Legislature, which consists of the Lieutenant Governor and the House of Assembly.  Go to the Legislative Counsel website for the text of Nova Scotia's statutes or bills.

Please note:  The Office of the Registrar of Regulations publishes regulations only.

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