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Protected Areas


White Lake Wilderness Area

painting by Alice ReedWhite Lake Wilderness Area protects 4,540 ha (11,350 acres) of rugged, lake-strewn, conifer forest wilderness, just north of Musquodoboit Harbour and immediately east of the lower Musquodoboit River, within Halifax Regional Municipality.

The area's 350 million year old granite bedrock forms rough, parallel ridges and knobs, which rise above and define the character of more than 20 interconnected lakes. Nearby inlets of the Atlantic Ocean can be seen from some of the higher, exposed ridges.

The interconnected lakes are enjoyed by anglers and canoe trippers, and more extended trips are possible by travelling beyond the Wilderness Area boundaries. A high quality wilderness hiking trail system is being developed and managed by Musquodoboit Trailways Association, through agreements with Nova Scotia Environment and Labour and, outside the Wilderness Area, with Nova Scotia Natural Resources and a private landowner.