"https://novascotia.ca/archives/titanic/" Titanic in Nova Scotia

Distress call from RMS TITANIC 11:55 PM Position Lat. 41.46 N Long. 50.14 W

Halifax Connection

Body of R.M.S. Titanic victim being picked up at sea by unidentified ship's whaler from C.S. Minia - Nova Scotia Archives

Considered one of the greatest marine disasters in recorded history, the story of RMS Titanic begins in Southampton on April 10, 1912, when the vessel left on her maiden voyage. 

For some of those who lost their lives aboard the ill-fated vessel, Halifax, Nova Scotia is where their story came to an end.

Learn how citizens throughout Nova Scotia took on the grim responsibility of providing victims of the sinking with a final place to rest.  Read more...

Artifacts & Records

Shoes of the Unknown Child - Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Some of the most significant artifacts and records related to RMS Titanic can be found in Nova Scotia. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has what is generally recognized as the world's finest collection of wooden artifacts from the vessel. These fragments, including a near perfectly preserved deckchair, are featured as part of the museum's permanent exhibit.

The Nova Scotia Archives' Titanic resource contains unique photos, documents, newsmagazines and the most complete known record of bodies recovered from the site of the disaster. Learn more...