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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tx_630121 February 201826 February 2018Geotechnical Specialist Hazard Assessment and Mitigation
ToRB-2018-WWMTFU-121 February 201813 March 2018Wastewater Lagoon
ST-Doc124318081321 February 201809 March 2018Demand Provincial Construction - Swift Current
SHC-2-20-1821 February 201807 March 2018Day Centre Interior Renovation, Maple Creek & District Opportunities Inc.
SGREOI170121 February 201820 March 2018Redevelopment of Second floor telegraph room at Casino Regina
RW19021 February 201813 March 2018Poplar River Power Station Pulverizer Bearing Supply
RPS2018-121 February 201822 March 2018Strategic Planning Consultant
RPL-2018-0221 February 201813 March 2018mamaweyatitan centre RFP for security guard/ambassador services
Rng3260to327421 February 201808 March 201816.5 km SubGrade Widening 771 Grid
RM243-2018-121 February 201809 March 2018Grid 637 Clay Cap
PR55-2018-121 February 201807 March 2018Spring Nursery Stock
PR23-2018-121 February 201823 March 2018Culvert/ Valve Replacement
HWY-H1709121 February 201801 March 2018Roadwork - Surfacing on Highway No. 36 for a total distance of 24.87 km.
COS18-001221 February 201806 March 20182018 SIDEWALK CRACK FILL
CAPTR1-2018-0121 February 201808 March 20182018 Paved Roadways
CAP-TR1-2018-0121 February 201808 March 20182018 Paved Roadways
BB02021 February 201803 April 2018Commercial Office Space in Downtown Regina
707821 February 201806 March 2018Chain Link Fence
707021 February 201806 March 2018Asphalt Cement
201800121 February 201813 March 2018Town of White City Shop Addition
2018-FuelTender21 February 201820 March 20182018 Fuel Tender RM61
2018-01Springside21 February 201805 March 2018Gravel Supply and Haul
1800621 February 201801 March 2018Rouleau School Gym Lighting Upgrade
1800421 February 201801 March 2018Assiniboia 7th Ave School Lighting Upgrade
1413-141521 February 201822 March 2018duplex construction 1413-1415-13 St W