Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_5906419 January 201826 February 2018Modernization of Licence Plate Production and Distribution
tender_6602918 January 201816 February 2018Fabricated Vehicle Lock Boxes
tender_6603018 January 201808 February 2018For Provision of Ethyl Alcohol Standard Solutions for Ontario Provincial Po
tender_6361717 January 201802 February 2018Frontenac II Dry Docking
tender_6440517 January 201815 February 2018Three (3) Year Summer Grader Contract
tender_6502617 January 201801 February 2018Supply, delivery and installation of large Precision Saw and Lapping Machin
tender_6181416 January 201831 January 2018Consulting Services to the Capacity Assessment Office
tender_6419616 January 201801 February 2018Supply and Delivery of Empty Sandbags
tender_6575516 January 201828 February 2018Underground Locator for the South Peel
tender_6589016 January 201819 February 2018Broker of Record Services
tender_5035815 January 201801 February 2018Provision of Job Evaluation Consulting Services
tender_6198115 January 201830 January 2018Privilege Management Software
tender_6316915 January 201814 February 2018Supply and Delivery of Greenstone Food Kits
tender_6492315 January 201831 January 2018Supply and Delivery of Dell EMC SAN shelves, switches and warranty
tender_6502915 January 201815 February 2018Master Data Management
tender_6536711 January 201811 February 2018BIKE RACKS, BIKE LOCKERS AND BIKE REPAIR STATIONS
tender_6548111 January 201812 February 2018Cut Resistant Leather Slash Gloves
tender_6388110 January 201831 January 2018Janitorial Services at Wheatley Provincial Park
tender_6399810 January 201826 January 2018Supply and Deliver 4 Small Portable Variable Message Signs
tender_6492508 January 201807 February 2018Supply and Delivery of Fish Feed
tender_6205805 January 201805 February 2018Interior Renovations for Pods 1 and 2 and Adjacent Spaces at Ontario Place
tender_6138603 January 201825 January 2018Two (2) Year Summer Grading in Hearst area for various LRBs
tender_6476803 January 201826 January 2018Installation of Turbo Blower for Aeration and Sludge Handling System at Elm
tender_6483403 January 201831 May 2018NOTICE OF INTENDED PROCUREMENT
tender_6158502 January 201802 February 2018Project Management and Quality Assurance/Quality Control Services