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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
tender_7204218 April 201802 May 2018Sheppard Office Renovation
tender_7204518 April 201810 May 2018RFI for GPS/Wi-Fi enabled device for Verification
tender_7029317 April 201811 May 2018Design, Fabrication and Installation of the Rond Lake Shaft Cap
tender_7182617 April 201801 May 2018Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning Services
tender_7191317 April 201817 May 2018RFB#041918-Upgrade UV
tender_7196517 April 201817 May 2018STAGE, AUDIO & LIGHTING PRODUCTION SERVICES
tender_7146916 April 201816 May 2018General Services and 24/7 Security Services - Lockerby Mine Site, Chelmsfor
tender_7051212 April 201823 April 2018Interpreter Services
tender_7164312 April 201803 May 2018Climate Action Employee Engagement: Employee Training & Crowdsourcing Chall
tender_7164712 April 201813 May 2018GOLF CARTS
tender_7034511 April 201823 May 2018Cloud-based Acquired Solution
tender_7113411 April 201826 April 2018Maintenance for Weigh Scales and Queue Management System
tender_7153411 April 201804 May 2018Request for Management Consulting Services
tender_7164111 April 201811 May 2018FORT HENRY MILITARY UNIFORMS
tender_6896410 April 201826 April 2018Ontario Place 2018 Building Condition Assessment
tender_6967010 April 201810 May 2018Basic and Complex Clean and Search and Removal Services
tender_7073110 April 201825 April 2018Grader Rental for Winter Operations on the Sultan Local Roads Board
tender_7147510 April 201827 April 2018OEM Auto Parts for Bombardier Marine Vessels
tender_7112605 April 201807 May 2018Human Resources
tender_7129705 April 201827 April 2018Supply and Delivery of Klondike Caps
tender_6966604 April 201804 May 2018Financial Review Services - Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program
tender_6966704 April 201804 May 2018Technical Review Services - Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program
tender_7113304 April 201826 April 2018RFT#040518-Diesel Pump
tender_7120404 April 201824 April 2018For Provision of Conference Accomm & Serv Facility in the City of Niagara F