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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
04U002577716 February 201802 March 2018PARTS AND SERVICE FOR COMMERCIAL FOOD EQUIP
ICTP-0049-2017/18-HSAL15 February 201815 March 2018e-Learning Prenatal and Early Parenting Program
PSB-MI-EMO-FEB-1815 February 201823 March 2018Audit Services
RFQ 2018-0215 February 201802 March 2018Cold In Place Recycling (CIR) Mix Designs
RFQ 2018-0315 February 201802 March 2018Petrographic Analysis for Geological Classification of Rock Type
12U002577214 February 201828 February 2018BAGGED FIREWOOD
12U002577314 February 201828 February 2018PLAYGROUND,STRUCTURE,EQUIPMENT
12U002577414 February 201828 February 2018TOPSOIL, SCREENED BLACK EARTH,
AAU002577014 February 201828 February 2018TRAFFIC SIGNAL, SHAFT, ARM,
AAU002577114 February 201828 February 2018TRUCK, BODY
PSB-SD-FEB-1814 February 201828 February 2018Capacity Building for Climate Resiliency in Manitoba
RFQ 02-16814 February 201806 March 2018Supply and Delivery of Traffic Gravel Class A Interlake Sub Region
RFQ-WMS-02314 February 201828 February 2018Supply & Delivery of Various Aggregate Materials
03T002576513 February 201828 February 2018Activated Carbon Filters ESBE
03T002576713 February 201828 February 2018Microscope Slides Frosted 1 End
03T002576813 February 201828 February 2018Polystyrene Tubes VWR
03T002576913 February 201828 February 2018Ethyl Alcohol, 100% Ethanol, 210 Litre Drum
4004982-b113 February 201802 March 2018Tyndall Building Firestopping Repairs/Replacement
684813 February 201827 February 2018Grading (Includes Base)
PSB-HSAL-FEB-1813 February 201813 March 2018Reagents and Instrumentation - Serology
RFQ #D1-D2-MSR-1813 February 201806 March 2018Masonry Services
12T002576012 February 201827 February 2018Supply & Install 50 HP Outboard Engine
5866-2018/1912 February 201807 March 2018Hourly electrical services at St. Malo Provincial Park and the Steinbach di
5869-2018/1912 February 201807 March 2018Septic pumping services for St. Malo Provincial Park.
X0597812 February 201827 February 2018Culvert Replacements PR 391 Nelson House -- Muskwa Road