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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
12T002568718 January 201801 February 2018Engine Outboard 20 HP 4Stroke
H05002568918 January 201824 January 2018CULVERT,13X68,450 DIA,2.0T
H05002569018 January 201824 January 2018STEEL CULVERTS
08M002568617 January 201831 January 2018CISCO SWITCH H/W MTCE RENEWAL
21U002567917 January 201825 January 2018KITCHEN SMALLWARE
21U002568017 January 201825 January 2018Medical Supplies
5850-2018/1917 January 201808 February 2018Septic pump out services at Watchorn Provincial Park.
04U002568316 January 201829 January 2018ELECTRICAL SERVICES AND SUPPLIES
5844-2018/1916 January 201822 February 2018Maintenance Services for Oak Lake Provincial Park, MB
H05002568416 January 201823 January 2018CULVERT,13X68,900 DIA,2.0T
H05002568516 January 201823 January 2018POST,TREATED,GREEN,4" X 6" X 20',S4S
ICTP-0048-2017/18-BTT16 January 201831 January 2018Electronic Balanced Scorecards Solution
PSB-SD-WS-JAN-1816 January 201827 February 2018Biological Testing Services
07Q002568215 January 201829 January 2018Financial Reporting Improvement Services
09T002567715 January 201829 January 2018Air Operated Bench Heat Seal Machine
5845-2017/1815 January 201830 January 2018Sheeting interior of garage, including electrical work, at Lundar Provincia
00383912 January 201802 February 2018Request for Proposal - Prime Consultant Services
4004591-B112 January 201813 February 2018Laundry Roof Replacement & Structural Repairs
5793-2018/1912 January 201827 February 2018Sewage hauling services for various facilities in and around Lac du Bonnet,
5794-2018/1912 January 201827 February 2018Summer grading services within Nopiming Provincial Park and Pointe du Bois,
5816-2018/1912 January 201827 February 2018Waste Hauling Services from Beresford Lake, Bird Lake and Pointe du Bois tr
684412 January 201825 January 2018Stockpiling Aggregate
MB-OFC-01-12-201812 January 201826 January 2018Lift Truck w/ 6000lb Capacity
003820-b111 January 201809 February 2018Humidifiers Replacement
08M002567011 January 201825 January 2018NETAPP H/W MTCE RENEWAL