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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
01869120 April 201810 May 2018RFP for Prime Consultant Services for EDM - Central Drug Production Facilit
04-20-201820 April 201810 May 2018WATER TOWER PARK PLAN AND CONSTRUCTION RFP
17-18-118020 April 201814 May 2018Graphic Design, Photography and Videography Services
180220 April 201808 May 2018GPRC Electrical Distribution Services Upgrade
1805D & 1805I20 April 201808 May 2018GPRC Fairview Carpentry Shop Mechanical Upgrage & Welding Shop Boiler Repla
19TDRPKC80520 April 201822 May 2018Bow Valley Provincial Park Regionalization Phase 2 - Wastewater Treatment S
19TDRSTR80320 April 201804 May 2018North Saskatchewan River and Red Deer River LiDAR Verification Survey ? 201
20-04-201820 April 201824 May 2018Pool Basin Lining RFP
2018 AAMDC Trade20 April 201831 December 2018Notice of Planned Procurement
2018-01-3600-IT-01020 April 201804 May 2018Mobility Wireless Services - REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
2018-3WD Triplex Rough Mower20 April 201827 April 20183WD Triplex Rough Mower
2018-DISFLT-RFQ-00220 April 201811 May 2018Fleet Field Service Truck
2018DS20 April 201804 May 2018Supply & Application of Dust Suppressant
93103520 April 201825 May 2018General Contractors for Landscaping Construction - Open Order
93320920 April 201816 May 2018Open Data Portal
BF 1397020 April 201803 May 2018Invitation to Tender Bridge Replacement BF 13970
ESFRQ-2018-0120 April 201830 April 2018Request for Quotation - Survey Equipment - Robotic Total Station
EU18-3120 April 201815 May 2018Contracted Services for Sanitary Sewer Lining and Repair
KC-RFP-003-201820 April 201817 May 2018Classroom Flooring Replacement Project
MW18-6620 April 201808 May 20182018 Overlay Concrete Construction & Rehabilitation
P7383 General Office Furniture20 April 201803 May 2018P7383 General Office Furniture
Q-14-546-18 Traffic Marking Paint Requirements20 April 201807 May 2018Q-14-546-18 Traffic Marking Paint Requirements
Q-18-1320 April 201821 May 2018RVS Roofing Services
QU464520 April 201817 May 2018QU4645 UIRP 2018 Contract 6 Mill & Pave in Timberlea & Thickwood