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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
069PA-000000037522 January 201801 February 2018Satellite Transmitter -AB
1090-RPC-T17-29322 January 201806 March 2018The City of Red Deer Public Art Collection: Condition Appraisal
138PC-000000018522 January 201801 February 2018Boat, Motor and Trailer -AB
18-00322 January 201815 February 2018Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) Infrastructure Upgrade
1801SH22 January 201831 January 2018Ivanti Maintenance & Subscription Renewal
18NPP-SR00122 January 201831 January 2018RAD7 Professional Grade Radon Detection Equipment
18TDROPR82622 January 201805 February 2018Former Chipewyan Lake Gas Station Site Contaminant Delineation
18TDRPFD80022 January 201821 February 2018Peace River Primary Camp - Facilities, Catering and Janitorial Services
18TDRPNW83322 January 201815 February 2018Potable Water Hauling Services - Winagami Lake Provincial Park
19PTC00222 January 201815 February 2018Area Project Supervisor - WTF Branch
19PTC00422 January 201815 February 2018Provincial Air Tanker Base Operations Supervisor - WTF Branch
19TDRRFD80122 January 201812 February 2018Lodgepole Secondary Firebase - Facility Rental
2018-01-0122 January 201821 February 2018Notice of Buying Group Participation in AAMDC
2018-01-2222 January 201805 February 2018Collection Agency Services
2018-02-2124-SUP-93000-00922 January 201831 January 2018Integrated Registration & E-Commerce Solution - REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
2018-ArticulatedLoader22 January 201826 February 2018The Supply of One Articulated Loader
6822 January 201813 February 2018New Central Library, Calgary (the Project) RFP for the supply and Installat
850-T01 (2018-07)22 January 201802 February 20182018 Annual Asphalt Patching
F18-019022 January 201822 February 2018NAIT Protective Services Radio/Communication System Assessment, Design, Bui
F18-100022 January 201812 February 2018Request for Tender for Casework and Fume Hoods (TP29)
HLD-2017-001-B22 January 201823 February 2018Chateau Mission Court Boiler Replacement
IT-18-INF-003-RFQ22 January 201805 February 2018Cisco Video Conference Hardware Maintenance Support Renewals
Light Duty Trucks22 January 201805 February 2018Light Duty Trucks
NOI-2018-0122B22 January 201830 January 2018Notice of Intent for Adiabatic Closed Loop Fluid Cooler
PROTSVCS-2018/00122 January 201823 February 2018Supply and Delivery of One (1) Water Tender/Tanker Fire Apparatus