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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
12T002671418 February 201905 March 2019All Terrain Vehicles, 550cc, 4 Stroke, 4WD
12T002671518 February 201905 March 2019Standard Ponar Dredge
ST-Doc161795722116 February 201912 March 2019Request for Proposal Entitlement Server for eSIM Activation
SPSD-T1819-001716 February 201919 March 2019Prince Philip School Roof Replacement Sections 7, 8
SPSD-T1819-001616 February 201915 March 2019Wildwood School Roof Replacement Section 2
SPSD-T1819-001516 February 201918 March 2019Lester B Pearson School Roof Replacement Sections 1, 2
SGITT181316 February 201908 March 2019ITT 1813 - Janitorial Supplies
RM189-2019-0316 February 201931 December 2019Notice of Planned Procurement 2019
RFP-03-1916 February 201922 March 2019Photo Speed Enforcement Service and Processing
PK32216 February 201912 March 2019PK/322 - PRPS Dust Supression Upgrade - Electrical
LSSD-2019-1255-00116 February 201907 March 2019Cut Knife High School Renovations and Elementary School Amalgamation, Cut K
LPSD1819-000316 February 201912 March 2019RFP - Chromebook & Cart Refresh
HWY-H1810116 February 201928 February 2019Roadwork-APPLICATION OF ENGINEERED SEAL COAT for at Total Distance of 206.9
HWY-H1809916 February 201926 February 2019Roadwork-APPLICATION OF ENGINEERED SEAL COAT for a Total Distance of 62.90
HG04016 February 201908 March 2019HG040-Shand and BDPS Exciter Design and Supply
ESPQ2019-0116 February 201918 March 2019Capital Projects Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
ENVWFM19-00316 February 201901 March 2019Non-Destructive Testing for Northern Air Operations
COS19-013916 February 201918 March 2019Turf Maintenance Services
COR461716 February 201919 March 2019Street Infrastructure Renewal Package 19B
COR452516 February 201906 March 2019Janitorial Supplies
Copy-EC-GOSEMMS-201916 February 201920 February 2019Copy of Gov Of Sask Electronic Media Monitoring Competition
2019-RM292-0316 February 201908 March 2019Gravel Hauling Tender
2018A-0099716 February 201907 March 2019Pierceland - Lagoon Expansion & Upgrades - Engineering
19SASKPOLY-R-0616 February 201901 March 2019Capillary Rheometer
19SASKPOLY-R-0516 February 201901 March 2019Scanning Electron Microscope