Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
ST18344223 November 201706 December 2017CP Gravel 2018
ST17-102001823 November 201729 November 2017Altair 4x Multgas Detector - MSA 10148343
RFB17-04223 November 201720 December 2017Request for Bid Property in Unity, Sask
RFB17-04123 November 201720 December 2017Request for Bid 17-041 Property in Kamsack, Sask
RFB17-04023 November 201720 December 2017Request for Bid 17-040 Property in Broadview, Sask
Nipawin-WTP-623 November 201714 December 2017Nipawin WTP Contract 6: Treated Water Reservoir(s)
699423 November 201707 December 2017Guardrail
698123 November 201722 December 2017Whole Body X-Ray Security Scanning System
463-2017-0223 November 201712 December 2017New Motor Grader Tender
17-209869-RFQ-LSC23 November 201730 November 2017Water Heater
VAN7-1722 November 201712 December 2017Gravel supply or supply and haul
TS1422 November 201711 January 2018Accepting Tenders for TS14 B Terex Scraper
ST17103003022 November 201728 November 2017CUBRO TAPS
RM68-2017-0122 November 201706 December 20172018 Gravel Tender
RM279-2017-0322 November 201707 December 20172017 Winter Crush Tender
RFQ17-03922 November 201705 December 2017Sit Down Forklift
JAP01422 November 201712 December 2017DAMPER - SPACER DRAKE CONDUCTOR (M14-6)
HWY-H1706822 November 201705 December 2017Roadwork-Culvert Installation
HWY-B1714622 November 201705 December 2017Roadwork-Construction of a Short Span Bridge on Highway No. 5 over Quill Cr
Cs12922 November 201712 December 2017CS/129-Switch Gear (G)
COR386122 November 201721 December 2017Transit Advertising
COR376322 November 201714 December 2017Reconciliation Regina Coalition Co-ordinator
697322 November 201704 January 2018Operation of Emergency Sask911 System Services for the Prince Albert Public
696322 November 201705 December 2017myAIRVO™ 2 Humidifier
2018-01RM50222 November 201712 December 2017Grader Purchase