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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
RFPNESD1812-00212 December 201804 January 2019Multi Function School Activity Bus
MPL-2019-000112 December 201821 December 2018Wastewater Treament System Preliminary & Detailed Design
JO_04812 December 201808 January 2019JO_048 RFP ATHABASCA HEATED STORAGE BUILDING
HWY-H1807412 December 201820 December 2018Roadwork-Stockpiling various locartions
COR444812 December 201810 January 2019Excavation Services
727812 December 201821 December 2018Structural Cut Parts
3620180512 December 201820 December 2018Granular Stockpiling
2018-03912 December 201828 December 2018ACAN for All Season Precipitation Gauges, wind shields, cable, and mounting
UofSRFQ18-0444311 December 201810 January 2019Marquis Hall Chiller
RQRHA20181210D11 December 201825 December 2018The Provision of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Devices
RQRHA2018121011 December 201817 January 2019Controls Systems Renewal-RGH, WRC and PH-Regina, Sk.
ER1819-00311 December 201811 January 2019Site Specific Risk Assessment Report Audits
COS18-092611 December 201823 January 2019VMWARE SUPPORT & SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL
728211 December 201820 December 2018Supply and Overhaul of Teledyne Continental I0470-L Spec 21 Engine
728111 December 201820 December 2018Detention Grade Tables
727511 December 201827 December 2018Supply and Installation of New Dump Bodies, Hoist Kits and Rail Style Dump
7-16120-RFP-511 December 201820 December 2018University of Regina - Bookstore & Central Testing Facility, Mechanical Con
7-16120-RFP-411 December 201820 December 2018University of Regina - Bookstore & Central Testing Facility, Electrical Con
2018-TS0111 December 201827 December 2018Single Axel Winter Maintenance Truck
18T-0001411 December 201817 December 2018VMware / Vsphere Renewal 1 Year
011PA-000000110711 December 201803 January 2019Inverter - Solar String -AB
038RR180211 December 201824 January 2019Fourniture poignées et barillets
069PD-000000016511 December 201803 January 2019Agricultural Fence Supplies -AB
096-201811 December 201821 December 2018Amazon Web Services Purchase