Payment for Online Services

There are several options to pay for services online, including:

  • Interac® Online (Debit card)
  • Visa credit or debit card
  • MasterCard credit card
  • American Express credit card

Visa debit payment

For Visa debit card transactions, please select the Credit Card payment option.

Authorized debit card payment

Some banks and financial institutions will allow you to use Interac Online to pay online directly from your bank account. If you plan to pay with Interac Online, be sure your bank is on the list of participating financial institutions.

Who are Interac Online participating financial institutions?

Interac Online service is a payment option that allows you to pay for goods and services directly from your bank account. All you need is access to online banking through one of the participating financial institutions

Non-participating financial institutions

Not all institutions support Interac Online payment. If you are unsure, please check with your financial institution. Unfortunately, the following institutions do not currently support Interac online payment:           

  • Bank of Montreal
  • CIBC
  • President's Choice Financial
  • Scotiabank

When will my bank account be debited?

When you use your debit card to pay, your bank account is automatically debited.

Charges appearing on your statement

Charges on your credit card or bank statement will appear as:
Service Name Charges will appear as
Nova Scotia online service for Business NS Gov't Internet Tran
Collection Services NS Gov Payment Internet
Fine Payments NS Registry of Motor Vehicles
Municipal Fine Payments  NS Municipal Payments
Access Nova Scotia - Government  Store  NS Government Internet
Nova Scotia Vital Statistics  NS Vital Statistics
Registry of Motor Vehicles  NS Registry of Motor Vehicles

Entering your online payment information

For payment by credit card, you must enter both the credit card number and the card verification value number (CVV) correctly for your transaction to be processed. For payment by debit, you must enter your debit card number correctly for your transaction to be processed.

If you get the following error message after you submit your payment, you may have entered your information incorrectly:

The payment verification system is currently busy or has timed out. Please wait and retry your transaction.

How to proceed

Check your card number and the CVV (for credit cards) to ensure they are entered correctly and click the "Submit" button.

What do I do if my card information is not accepted?

Check your address

When you pay with a credit card, our services will check whether the address you provided matches the billing address you provided on the credit card application.

If the information does not match, we cannot process the transaction. We may contact you to collect more information, or deny the transaction.

Check your CVV

If you see the following message, you may have entered the incorrect information for your credit card's card verification value number (CVV).

Error. Invalid CVV Length.

If a card is denied, you will be notified on the screen that your credit card cannot be processed at this time.

If this happens, please contact your credit card issuer.


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