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Marriage Certificates

Vital Statistics issues both short and long form marriage certificates. To be sure you are requesting the correct one, contact the organization that requires the certificate to confirm what they require.

Short Form Marriage Certificate

The short form marriage certificate includes:

  • surname and given name of bride/spouse
  • surname and given name of groom/spouse
  • date of marriage
  • place of marriage
  • registration date
  • registration number         
  • date of issue

Long Form Marriage Certificate

The long form marriage certificate is a restricted and certified copy of the original marriage registration, it is available to the bride/spouse or groom/spouse or to another person upon written consent from either the bride/spouse or the groom/spouse. The long form marriage certificate may contain the following information of both the bride/spouse and groom/spouse:

The long form marriage certificate contains all of the information found on the short form certificate, as well as a number of other details.

It includes:

  • place of marriage
  • surname and given name
  • trade or profession
  • marital status
  • age
  • religious denomination
  • residence
  • place of birth
  • full name of parents
  • birthplace of parents

Indicate accents on your certificate

If your name or address contains any French characters or symbols they can be included. If your last name (surname), first name or middle name(s) contain any French characters or symbols as shown on your original birth registration, please indicate this by checking the applicable box on the online application form.

You may also indicate this by answering yes to the question within the online application form.

Accepted characters

You can use any of the following French characters in these services as part of your name and address:

àâÀ éèêëÉÈÊË îïÎÏ Ôô ùûüÛÜù çÇ

How to contact Vital Statistics

Service Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 157
Halifax, NS
B3J 2M9


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