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Fine Payments

What is my fine number?

Fines can be shown on official documents labelled as a Case Number, Case ID, Police #, or Summary Offence ticket (SOT) number. A fine can have both a SOT and a Case Number at the same time and you may have more than one document for the same fine.

If you have a SOT that also has a Case Number, you only need to pay it once. Enter the Case number shown on the Conviction Letter or Fine order.

Find your fine number based on the examples below:


Your tickets might be labelled as "Summary Offence Information" or "Summons to Accused".  Your fine number is indicated as "Police #" or "Ticket".

Example of "Summary Offence Information" and "Summons to Accused".

Conviction letter

If you received a letter from the Provincial Court notifying you of that you have been found guilty of an offence, your fine number is indicated as your "Case ID".

Automatic conviction letter example

Fine order

If you were issued a fine order in court, your fine number is indicated as "Case No(s)"

Fine Order example

Certificate of Default letter

If you received a letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, your fine number is indicated as "Case Number".

Your master number is also indicated on your letter as "Master No."

Certificate of default notification letter sample

What is a Privilege Reinstatement (Administration) Fee?

If you do not pay a motor vehicle related offence on time, the Registry of Motor Vehicles may refuse to renew your driver's licence or vehicle permit until the fine is paid. You will also have to pay a Privilege Reinstatement fee before you can access most Registry of Motor Vehicles services.

If you have received a letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles advising you that you need to pay the Privilege Reinstatement fee, you will need to do this before you can complete Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) transactions.

Where can I find my master number?

Your master number is shown on your certificate of default letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles as "Master No.".

Your master number can also be found on the front of your Nova Scotia Driver's Licence or Nova Scotia Identification Card.

Master Number on Adult Licence and Identification Card

Why can't I pay my fine online?

Check to ensure you've correctly entered the fine number.

In some situations fines are not able to be paid online. For example:

  • more than one fine exists with that number and you’ll need to call the court to ensure you're paying the correct fine.
  • your ticket does not have a fine and you must attend court

If you enter a fine and get a message asking you to contact the court, this fine cannot be paid online. You will need to contact the court to find out how to proceed.

Why can’t I pay part of my fine?

Unless your fine is in default with Registry of Motor Vehicles you must pay the entire amount of the fine.

Can I pay fines for more than one person?

Yes, you can enter and pay fines for more than one person using this service. If you wish to pay the Privilege Reinstatement fee for more than one driver, you will need to complete a separate transaction for each driver.

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