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Condominium Corporation Registration

Who Needs This Registration?
Any person or company proposing the division of land and buildings intended to be sold and used as condominiums in Nova Scotia.
Issuing Department / Agency:
Service Nova Scotia
Where can you get this Registration and / or further information?
  Contact: Condominium Registration
  Telephone: 902-424-5200 (in metro)
  Toll-free: 1-800-670-4357 (within Nova Scotia)
  Visit: Maritime Centre (Aliant Building)
8th Floor (South)
1505 Barrington Street (at corner of Spring Garden Road)
Halifax, Nova Scotia    B3J 2X1
  Write: PO Box 1003
Halifax, NS   B3J 2X1
  Fax: 902-424-7434
Application Process:

The registration process involves the filing of documents by the developer and the acceptance by the Registrar/Deputy Registrar of Condominiums.

The documents are submitted to the Department, along with the applicable fees (see fees below).

Information and documents must be filed by the developer with the Registrar/Deputy Registrar of Condominiums in a particular sequence. Included in the filing requirements are:

  1. Plans
    1. Architectural/Structural  Plans:
      1. 4 paper copies; architectural plans certified by an architect, structural plans certified by an engineer. For wood frame structures, note (2)(c) above.              
    2. Survey Plans
      1. 3 black and white paper copies
      2. 1 coloured paper copy (units-pink; common elements -yellow), all certified by a surveyor. 
  2. Declaration
    1.  four copies all with original signatures
    2. Schedule “A” - Description needs to match what surveyor submitted
  3. By-laws
    1. Four copies of Form 15A Declarant's Certificate regarding Corporation By-laws  (original signatures)
    2. four copies all with original signatures, containing the seal of the corporation
  4. Form 1 Lawyer's Certificate to accompany Report on Title
    1. Report on Title means a Statement of Registered and Recorded Interests that has been issued under the Land Registration Act.
  5. Form 2 Surveyor's Certificate to accompany Report on Title
  6. Form  3 Notice to Registrar of Initial Board of Directors
  7. Form 9 Appointment of Agent for Condominium Corporation
  8. Form 21 Certificate of Architect
  9. Form 22 Certificate of Engineer (4 stories and above require structural plans)
  10. Statutory Declaration from Municipality with attached survey plans
  11. Occupancy Permits for all units
  12. Tax Certificate
  13. Advertised Sale prices and or appraisals (as per Schedule B of the Regulations HST is inclusive)
  14. Copy of Budget for Corporation (See Section 44B of the Act.)
  15. Reserve Fund Study
    1. For conversions or corporations with more than 10 units
  16. Letter of Undertaking from  declarant lawyer regarding 10% hold back (See Section 44B of the Act)
  17. Two signed copies of the  Land Registration Forms 28
    1. One copy for the Declaration and one  copy for the By-Laws
  18. Fees paybable to the various registries as outlined below. 
    1. Itemization of fees paid for each registry should be included. 


The Declaration, Bylaws, plans and surveys must be filed in 3 registries. This is coordinated through the Registry of Condominiums. The documents and fees for all 3 are collected by this office and forwarded to the Registry of Deeds and the N.S. Registry of Joint Stock Companies.

A site visit of the property by the Registrar/Deputy Registrar is part of the registration process.

Waiting Period:

Before the documents are accepted for registration the Registrar/Deputy reviews the above 18  documents for completeness.  Once the final package is complete and is in final format,  it typically takes 10 business days from the time the package is received to acceptance for registration.  If a package is not complete, this will cause delays and the developer/lawyer will be notified. 

Expiry :
This registration does not expire.
Fees (as of April 1, 2015)

Fees are based on Schedule B of the Regulations under the Condominium Act. Cheques are made payable to the various Registries the amounts of which are based on the following:

  1. Registrar of Condominiums
    • Review of Description
      • Residential Units - $2.50/thousand - advertised sale price
      • Bare Land Units - $2.50/thousand - advertised sale price
      • Recreational Units - $4.95/thousand- advertised sale price
      • Commercial Units - $7.45/thousand - advertised sale price
    • Examination of declaration - $124.60
    • Acceptance of declaration and description - $249.20
    • Examination of by-laws - $93.40
    • Acceptance of bylaws - $124.60
  2. Registry of Joint Stock Companies
    • For filing of declaration and description - $62.30
  3. Registry of Deeds/Land Registry
    • For registration of declaration and description-$133.35 plus $13.35 per unit
    • For registration of by-laws - $43.60

**It is requested that an itemization of fees paid for each Registry accompany the cheques.

Related Requirements:

Depending on the nature of the development the Registrar/Deputy may ask for additional documentation to complete the registration process. 

Additional Information:
What is regulated after a condominium corporation is created?

If a corporation decides to amend their declaration and/or by-law, the amendment(s) must be submitted to the Registrar of Condominiums for acceptance of registration. The act provides direction on how to amend these documents including the voting percentages required from the members of the corporation.

After registration, condominium corporations are required to file every year copies of its financial statements to the Registrar of Condominiums. If a corporation consists of ten or more units, the corporation must submit audited financial statements to the Registrar.

Legislative Authority: 
The Condominium Act, Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, Chapter 85

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