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Nova Scotia Environment

Motive Fuel Retailer Approval

Who Needs This Approval?
Anyone retailing motive fuel in Nova Scotia. That is, anyone who sells it directly to a consumer or keeps it for sale to consumers. Motive fuel is a petroleum product, such as gasoline or diesel oil, used to power a vehicle, aircraft or vessel but does not include kerosene, propane or bio-fuels.
Issuing Department / Agency:
Nova Scotia Environment
Where can you get this Approval and / or further information?
Any Regional or District Office of Nova Scotia Environment


Central Region Office
Nova Scotia Environment
Phone: 902-424-7773
Visit: 30 Damascus Road, Suite 115
Bedford Commons
Bedford, NS  B4A 0C1
Write: Same address as above
Fax: 902-424-0597
Application Forms & Process:

You can get an application form for this Approval by downloading a copy or from any Regional or District Office of Nova Scotia Environment. After completing the form, submit it, all required documentation and the appropriate fee to the above address or applications can be accepted at any Departmental office.

The application is reviewed to ensure that all required information and fees are provided. Applications missing information and/or fees will not be processed and the applicant will be contacted to provide what is required.

New Approvals:
Fixed Sites:
After being reviewed, the applicant will be notified to contact a local Nova Scotia Environment inspector as well as an inspector from the Fire Marshal's Office to arrange inspections once the construction is complete. Sites that do not pass inspections will be informed what measures are required and will be given a time frame in which to do this. Reinspections will be made before written approval recommendations are given. Once these have been received, the Approval will be issued.
Mobile Service: When the application is complete, the Approval will be issued. There is no requirement for an inspection.

Amendments to Existing Approvals:
Outlets may change the type of service for fixed sites (attended service, self service and both attended and self service) but require an amendment to their existing approval to do so. The application form is the same and the procedures are the same as a new fixed site approval but an inspection from the Fire Marshal's office is not required.

Transfers of Operator/Property Ownership/Company Name Change:
Approvals are issued in the name of the operating company/person of an outlet. An application must be submitted if the approval is to be transferred to a new operator/owner. The application form is the same and, provided all required documentation and fees are submitted, a transfer will be issued. There is no requirement for an inspection.

Applications which have had no follow up in 12 months will expire.

Waiting Period:
60 business days or less
Provided that all the items that must accompany the application have been received
Expiry & Renewal:
This approval is valid until the following March 31st. It must be renewed annually. It is the responsibility of the approval holder to contact Nova Scotia Environment before it expires; a notice of renewal may not be sent out by the department.

Annual volumes sold must be reported with renewal form in order for renewal to be processed.

A renewal form may be obtained by clicking here.
Price: (No tax is charged)

New Application: $132.65
Amendment: $132.65
Transfer of Property Ownership: $132.65
New Lessee: $132.65
Annual Renewal: $26.50 per pump nozzle.

Please make cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance.

Related Requirements:
Some or all of the following approvals and permits may be required: (Not required before issuing the Approval.)
Additional Information:
Legislative Authority:
Environment Act, Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1994-95 Chapter 1, Motive Fuel and Fuel Oil Approval Regulations and Petroleum Management Regulations.

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