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Nova Scotians who purchase energy for their homes are eligible for a rebate equivalent to the provincial portion of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Your Energy Rebate is a program designed to help Nova Scotians with the rising cost of home energy. For most, the rebate is automatically credited on the bill by the power company and fuel distributors (home-delivered oil, propane, firewood and natural gas). For other energy sources, such as kerosene, coal and wood pellets, Nova Scotians are able to apply for the rebate.

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Residential Electricity Users.

If you are being billed at the domestic service rate, the rebate is automatically deducted from your bill. The base charge is also eligible for the rebate.

Effective January 1, 2010, energy efficiency program charges are eligible for the rebate.

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Who is eligible for the rebate?

If you buy home energy for heating purposes, you are eligible to receive the rebate. The rebate does not depend on your income level.

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How much is the rebate?

It is on the total eligible cost of residential use energy and is equivalent to the provincial portion of the HST.

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What does the rebate apply to?

The rebate applies to all sources of residential use energy including home heating fuel, natural gas, propane, firewood, wood pellets, coal, kerosene and electricity.

Only purchases where HST has been paid to an HST registered vendor qualify for the rebate.

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About how much of a rebate can I expect to see over the course of the year?

It depends on how much energy you use. If your residential use energy purchases in a year totaled $2500, you'd save about $250.

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How long do I have to apply for my rebate?

If you have paid HST on your residential use energy purchase and the rebate was not deducted from your bill, you have 24 months from the date of purchase to apply for your rebate.

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How often can I submit a consumer application?

You may submit a consumer application when your rebate;

  • totals $30.00 or more; or
  • covers a period of 12 months or more

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How do I complete an application form available on the website?

Your Energy Rebate program applications available on our website are PDF fillable forms that;

  • may be printed and completed manually; or
  • may be completed online and then printed; or
  • may be downloaded from our website and completed on your computer and then printed.

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Can I save the completed application form?

PDF fillable forms downloaded from our website and completed on your computer may be saved and used again without having to re-enter your identification information. You need only replace the dates covered by the application and the invoice details.

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How do I let someone else enquire about my application on my behalf?

If you wish to authorize someone else to speak on your behalf concerning an application, you can fill out the section on the application authorizing a representative or you can submit a Letter of Authority form to authorize a representative.

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