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Additional information to support your new business

  1. WCB Clearance Letter
  2. Rebate Claims
  3. We are Growing & Expanding
  4. Nova Scotia Statutes
  5. Selling to Government
  6. Hiring Employees
  7. I am looking for other business resources

WCB Clearance Letter

You can view and print a WCB clearance letter online. To do this you will require:

  • The 9 digit Business Number for the business you would like to view.
  • A log in for the online service for business.
  • Log in - Online service for business
  • Sign Up - Online service for business

Rebate Claims

We are Growing & Expanding

Ready to take your company to the next level by expanding production or moving into new markets? The support and guidance you need to do it are all within your reach. Here are just a few of the many organizations, programs and services ready to assist you in expanding your business and achieving your growth targets.

Nova Scotia Statutes

Provincial government laws that may affect your business.

Every business operating in Nova Scotia must follow specific laws and regulations on when and how they operate. In fact, many factors such as your size, location, structure and industry will determine which laws apply to you. For more details on provincial regulations and how they may affect your business, please review the resources below.

Selling to Government

Did you know that the provincial government spends more than a billion dollars on goods and services each year?

We get roofs repaired, we have websites designed, we lease trucks, and thousands of other things. We buy most of these goods and services from Nova Scotia businesses. If you own or operate a business, you may want to do business with us. These links will help you find out how.

Hiring Employees

Know your obligations as an employer.

Preparing to hire staff for your new business? Are you aware of your responsibilities as an employer when it comes to issues such as pensions, employment records, training, wages, overtime or maternity leave? You'll find most of the facts you need to know using the following resources. You'll also discover tools that will help you measure and improve your team's performance, and increase your sales.

I am looking for other business resources

Below is a list of other business resources.