FAQ - How does the GSA create the page description (the snippet) for the search results page?

The Google Search Appliance will generate a snippet, a sentence or two, from the page by word concentration in the document, keyword proximity, and other factors. Service Nova Scotia has no control over how the snippet is developed. However, you can populate it or block text from appearing in it with a <META> or googleon/googleoff tags.

Populating the snippet
Create a description Meta tag and enter the description you want for a particular page.
<meta name="description" content="Snippet description text here." />

Blocking text from the snippet
By embedding googleon/googleoff tags with the snippet flag in HTML documents, you can disable the use of text to create a snippet in search results.
<!--googleoff: snippet-->Text you do not want to appear in the result page's snippet<!--googleon: snippet-->

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