FAQ - How do i use the googleon/googleoff Tags?

By embedding googleon/googleoff tags with their flags in HTML documents, you can disable:

  • the indexing of a word or portion of a web page,
  • the indexing of anchor text, or
  • the use of text to create a snippet in search results.

For details about each googleon/googleoff flag, refer to the following:

Flag: index
Description: The web content between the tags will not be indexed.
Example: fish <!--googleoff: index-->shark<!--googleon: index--> mackerel
Results: The words fish and mackerel are indexed, but not shark. This page could appear in search results for the term shark only if the word appears elsewhere on the page or in anchortext for links to the page. Hyperlinks that appear within these tags are followed.

Flag: anchor
Description: Anchor text that appears between the tags and in links to other pages is not indexed. This prevents the index from using the hyperlink to associate the link text with the target page in search results.
Example: <!--googleoff: anchor--><a href=sharks_rugby.html> shark </a><!--googleon: anchor-->
Results: The word shark is not associated with the page sharks_rugby.html. Otherwise this hyperlink would cause the page sharks_rugby.html to appear in the search results for the term shark.

Flag: snippet
Description: Text between the tags is not used to create snippets for search results.
Example: <!--googleoff: snippet-->Come to the fair!<!--googleon: snippet-->
Results: The text Come to the fair! does not appear in snippets with the search results.

Flag: all
Description: Turns on all the attributes. Text between the tags is not indexed, followed to another linked-to page, or used for a snippet.
Example: <!--googleoff: all-->Come to the fair!<!--googleon: all-->
Results: The text Come to the fair! is not indexed, is not associated with anchor text, and does not appear in snippets with the search results.

Note: If a URL appears within googleoff and googleon tags, the Google Search Appliance will crawl the URL.

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