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Pollution Prevention

A Vision of Sustainability for Nova Scotia

Sustainable ProcurementOur vision is to make Nova Scotia one of the cleanest environments and most sustainable economies in the world by 2020.

The Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act sets out 21 specific targetsPDF Download Link (PDF:105k) for government action to help achieve this. Key among these targets is a commitment for government to develop and implement a sustainable procurement policy by 2009.

The Sustainable Procurement Policy and related information.

What is Sustainable Procurement ?

Sustainable procurement is an approach to purchasing that considers the environmental, societal and economic value of the goods and services being purchased. This approach allows the buyer to calculate the full cost of a purchase. Preference is given to the purchase of goods and services which are environmentally preferable, provide benefit to society and the local economy and achieve good value for money on a life-cycle basis. This results in the purchase of goods and services that are better for both the environment and the local economy and it ensures that resources are not diminished for future generations.

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Sustainable Food

Energy Efficiency and Alternative Sources

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